Don't be afraid to replace these 3 things

Bathroom items get super nasty over time and need to be replaced. It comes with the nature and usage of bathroom items. Here are three items you'll need to replace:

Toilet brush: If you're not cleaning your toilet bowl at least once week, it's time to get started. The frequent use of your toilet brush means you should replace your toilet brush every 8-12 months. Replacing your toilet brush every 8-12 months will prevent the gross buildup of harmful bacteria from spreading. You will also be able to experience the benefits of cleaning your toilet bowl with the fresh, strong bristles of a new toilet brush.

Bath mats: Bath mats take a beating over time from absorbing spills and shower splashes to people walking on it. Keep two bath mats so you can always have a bath mat on the bathroom floor while the former is being washed. Wash each bath mat after a week of usage to prevent the growth of smelly bacteria. It's best if you replace your bath mats after 16-18 months of usage. If your bath mat is already moldy at the time of you reading this post, throw it away and buy a new bath mat.

Cleaning sponges: Similar to bath mats and toilet brushes, cleaning sponges can become breeding grounds of bacteria as well. Don't use the same sponge you used to clean the toilet tank and lid to also clean your bathroom sink and countertop. After using a sponge, sanitize it with hot water, bleach and allow the sponge to properly dry. Replace your cleaning sponges every 3-4 weeks at the bare minimum.

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