Help! My IllumiBowl arrived broken or faulty! How do I get a replacement?

Send us an email at for a replacement!                           

Help! My Illumibowl turns on in the light when I first put batteries in! 

Your Illumibowl may first light up when you put batteries in, even in the light. The light should turn off after 2 minutes and only activate in the dark after that. 

Help! My Illumibowl is only showing/flashing red!

Put in new batteries. IllumiBowl will indicate a low battery by only showing red. New batteries will help you Illumibowl work as it should. (If your Illumibowl continues to only show red after putting in brand new batteries and pressing the button a few times email us at for more help or a free replacement.)

How do I set the color on my IllumiBowl?

To set the color on your Illumibowl, press the side button and Illumibowl will freeze on whatever color is visible when you press it. To resume color-cycle, press the button again.

How do I adjust the brightness level on my IllumiBowl?

To adjust the brightness level on your Illumibowl toilet night light, simply hold the button in on your Illumibowl until the brightness level changes. It will toggle between three different levels of brightness.

How do I adjust the arm to fit my toilet?

To adjust the arm to custom fit your toilet, simply measure the arm against the top rim of your toilet bowl and bend it on each side of the rim. Remove from the rim and bend it in both sides to 90 degrees and then place it on your toilet and it will fit like a charm.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! We do! Just put the address you would like in the "Ship To" address! 

Help! My tracking number doesn't work! 

Your tracking number won't register until it starts moving. If it doesn't work, two days after placing your order, please let us know!

Help! I noticed my Ship To address is incorrect!

If this happens please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to change it before it leaves our facility. You can email us at 

Help! The light bulb on my IllumiBowl is no longer working and I need a replacement!

 If the light bulb is not working after installing new batteries and making sure your IllumiBowl is in complete darkness, email us at for a replacement.