Awesome bathroom products that will change your bathroom experience

Everyone takes care of business in the bathroom throughout the course of the day. Pooping, peeing and showering are just a few of the different bathroom activities that take place in the inner sanctum. Here are three different products that will change your bathroom experience if you don't already have them:

IllumiBowl: The IllumiBowl is the world's first toilet bowl night light! With the ability to rotate through 8 different colors or be set to a single color, the IllumiBowl's soft glow makes it safer and easier to use the bathroom at night. Everyone's favorite toilet night light just needs 3 AAA batteries to power it and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Shower Case: Have you ever wanted to keep watching your favorite Netflix show while taking a shower? The Shower Case allows you to do that since it's a universal waterproof smartphone holder.

IllumiSoap: Recently launched on Kickstarster, the IllumiSoap is the world's first motion-activated soap dispenser night light. It can be set to one of eight different colors such as blue or can cycle through all eight colors. The IllumiSoap is water resistant and works with all gel soaps regardless of scent or color. You can back the IllumiSoap now on Kickstarter to bring it to life.

Which of these three bathroom items are you missing in your bathroom arsenal? Share with us in the comments below!

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, the IllumiBowl is a night light for the toilet that is activated by motion and very popular with seniors and with families potty training their toddler. It is provided with 3 AAA batteries and is easily attachable to your toilet seat. Who doesn’t love a glowing toilet?