Avoiding constipation during the holiday season

Dealing constipation during the holiday season can be a real struggle for your potty training child since he/she will be around foods not normally served during other times of the year. Here are three tips to help your child avoid constipation during the holiday season:

Stay hydrated

This seems so basic but grown adults don't always remember to stay hydrated either. Whether you need to set an alarm or write notes on the calendar, make sure your potty training kiddo drinks at least 6 oz of water every hour. Just because the sun isn't out as long and the temperatures are cooler doesn't mean that your child can't be dehydrated.

Take it easy on the treats

Baked treats and other goodies definitely tend to be in abundance during the holidays. Take it easy on the treats as many treats don't provide the best nutritional value for your potty training child. There's no need to be overly strict with your child but he/she will need a bit of a guiding hand.

Maintain a fibrous diet

Help your child maintain a healthy fibrous diet throughout the holiday season with servings of fruit and whole grains. Popular fruit choices include apples and oranges. Fruits not only provide fiber but they also help your child stay hydrated.

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