How to prepare your potty training child for holiday parties

Holiday parties will be starting as you may have guessed. While these parties can be fun for you, holiday parties may be stressful for your potty training child making the transition from diapers to big kid underwear. Here are four ways to prepare your potty training child for holiday parties:

Express confidence

Talk to your child on the way to the party whether it's at grandma's house or friends from your child's soccer team. Express confidence in your kid's ability to take care of business. A change in scenery from usual routines may be enough to stress your child out and forget potty training fundamentals.

Know where the bathroom is

One of the first items of business when arriving at the location of the party is identifying where the bathroom is at. Walk with your potty training kiddo to the bathroom hand-in-hand to see where the bathroom and be ready to assist if needed.

Bring spare pants and underwear

Yes, bringing spare pants and underwear is a good idea. But no to carrying the spare pants and underwear around with you during the party. You can leave the spares in your car or in a bag in the coat room.

Help your child stay hydrated

Excitement can get the best of your child. He/she may forget to drink water as result of playing with other kids during the holiday party. Here are some tips on hydration.

What are some of your potty training tips for attending holiday parties? 

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