How to manage the stress of potty training your child

Stress, whether you acknowledge it or not, exists and we know that parents who are potty training their kids often experience stress. Helping your kid make the transition from diapers to regular underwear takes time, work and patience. Here are five ways you can manage your stress when helping potty training your child:

1. Recognize when you're getting irritated

Know your symptoms. Whether it's a clenched jaw or raising your voice, learn to recognize how you react to stress. Doing so will help you prevent yourself from scaring or discouraging your potty training child.

2. Acknowledge your stress

You can't solve a problem you don't acknowledge. Ignoring your stress symptoms will not help you manage your stress.

3. Take a step back

Potty training takes time, work and patience so don't be afraid to take step back whether you don't physically or mentally. If your kid is screaming, step out of the room for a minute. Take three to five deep breaths and think about your end goal of potty training your child. Train yourself to keep the end goal in mind at all times.

4. Keep it simple

Don't overthink when it comes to potty training your kid. At the end of the day, going to the bathroom is a simple process. Keep it simple. Find ways to make it easier whether it's reading up on awesome potty training hacks online, talking to friends with experience or reading books on potty training.

5. Laugh

How can you not remember to laugh when poop and pee are involved? Enjoy this time you have with your kid and laugh at the funny moments. Find joy in what you're doing. Even if you're upset, faking happiness can often make your mind think you really are having fun. We dare you to try laughing. Actually, we double-dog dare you!

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