Three bathroom maintenance activities that'll prevent expensive repairs

Regular bathroom maintenance can help prevent major, expensive repairs before they happen. Why would you spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars if you don't have to? Here are three things you can do to prevent expensive bathroom repairs:

Resealing shower tile grout: If your shower tile grout is not sealed periodically, it can result in damages that can cost you a pretty penny. Shower tile grout does not completely prevent water and water can make its way through the cracks. Water making its way through the cracks will lead to wood rot and mold growth if not managed. Avoid using strong bleach since it will damage the grout. Look over and evaluate the health of your shower tile grout every two months to see if any repairs need to be made.

Unclogging your bathroom drains: Every two weeks, run a plastic drain hair snare in and out of your bathroom drains a few times. Taking a few minutes every two weeks to do this will help you prevent your bathroom sink and tub from overflowing which can lead to water damage in your bathroom. Save yourself from a preventable expense.

Clean your bathroom walls: Bathroom mold and mildew can call your bathroom walls home if you don't regularly clean your bathroom walls. Other types of bacteria can call your bathroom walls home as well thanks to the variety of bodily functions that happen in your bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom walls every two weeks will prevent bacterial and mildew growth in your bathroom while helping your bathroom smell fresh and clean.

What regular maintenance do you do to ensure that your bathroom is clean? Answer in the comments below.

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