These goals will help you maintain a great bathroom during 2017

Maintaining a clean, awesome bathroom doesn't have to be difficult. You can take on 2017 like a boss by keeping these three goals in mind:

1. Keep that throne clean: Your toilet is your porcelain. Make it a goal to clean your toilet at least once a week. Pick a day of the week whether it's Sunday or Friday to take a few minutes to clean your toilet. Two things you'll accomplish by cleaning your toilet regularly are reducing the amount of bacteria in your bathroom and improving your bathroom experience.

2. Never run out of supplies: Have you ever sat on the throne trying to take care of business only to realize you don't have any toilet paper? Not a fun time. Always be stocked up on toilet paper as well as other items like hand soap. Be aware of your inventory and buy bathroom supplies ahead of time.

3. Throw out the trash: There are two parts to throwing out the trash. The first is fairly obvious which is emptying your bathroom trash can. The second is to throw away all items that have expired like old medication/health products or old hair products. It's for your safety and the safety of everyone else.

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, the IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light popular among potty training families and senior citizens. The IllumiBowl makes your toilet glow in order to make late night trips to the bathroom safe and easy. It's powered by three AAA batteries and attaches easily to any toilet seat. This popular product is toilet technology at its best. Who doesn't love a glowing toilet?