How to stop doing gross things in your bathroom

You already do some intentionally gross things in your bathroom like number one and number two. Sometimes, you even throw up and spew a few chunks depending on what your ate or drank. One thing to be aware of is that there are gross things you are doing without knowing it. Here are seven disgusting things you are doing in your bathroom and should stop doing or start doing:

Flushing the toilet with the lid up: Keep the lid down when getting rid of number one and number two. One way that germs spread is from the spray that happens when you flush your toilet. The toilet water can reach up to a few feet in the air helping disperse harmful bacteria in the air and surrounding areas.

Not replacing your loofah:  Not replacing something that's used to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin is not a good practice to maintain. Loofahs can become a breeding ground for bacteria. If you want your loofah to last longer, keep it in a dry area. Do not leave your loofah in the shower where the humidity can build up. Replace your loofah at least every three to four weeks at the minimum.

You aren't replacing your toothbrush: A toothbrush is an effective tool in helping you maintain great oral health. However, it's no use to you if you are not replacing your used toothbrush on a regular basis. Be sure to get a new toothbrush every three to four months or sooner depending on how strong the bristles are. You should also replace your toothbrush if you've been sick. Don't store your toothbrush in moist conditions. Store it in an upright position and allow it to air-dry when you're not using it.

Not washing your hands correctly:  If you have never learned to wash your hands correctly, the time to learn is now. Here how to wash your hands according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Wet your hands with warm or cold running water
  • Apply soap (liquid, powder, or bar soap)
  • Lather your hands
  • Rub your hands together for 20-30 seconds. Be sure to get all surfaces of your hands like the backs of your hands and between your fingers.
  • Rinse well with running water.
  • Dry your hands

By following these steps, you can ensure that you have cleanest hands possible. Always wash your hands after doing things like using the toilet and cleaning your bathroom sink.

Dirty shower curtains: Wash your shower curtains every 2-3 weeks. Shower curtains can become a quick and easy breeding ground for mildew and mold. If you have poor air circulation in your bathroom, in may be a good idea to wash your shower curtains every 1-2 weeks.

Not cleaning skid marks in the toilet bowl: This is absolutely gross. Use a reliable liquid toilet cleaner and a toilet brush to get of the poopy skid marks in your toilet. Give your toilet bowl a quick scrub until all skid marks are gone.

Using the same towel for more than one week at a time: Similar to shower curtains, your towel can become a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Try to wash and properly dry your towels after 4-5 uses. After taking a shower, hang up your towel to dry by spreading it open on the towel rod or shower rod.

What are some nasty things you've seen in other people's bathrooms? Let us know in the comments below!

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