How to prepare your bathroom for a college football watch party

It's that time of year when the pigskin is battled over on campuses all across the country!  It's college football season! Cheering your favorite collegiate team and booing your bitter rival doesn't have to be difficult. It also means that you'll be hosting your old roomies and family members over to watch the big game. Hosting people can often put you in a tight spot if you're unprepared. Here are three easy tips to be ready for kickoff:

Football team colors

This little hack helps get your bathroom in the mood for the big game! Get towels that have the same color of your favorite team! Every time you or your friends have to take care of business, you and your friends will be reminded of who you're cheering for when taking a quick break. With multiple games each season, buying towels with your team colors will be a worthwhile investment. It's a simple touch that adds to the atmosphere without having to break the bank.

Stock up on toilet paper

If you have a friend who always brings a violent bean dip to the party, you can't afford to run out of toilet paper. You really can't afford to run out of toilet paper whether there's bean dip or not. Make sure that you have a full roll installed in the toilet paper dispenser along with an extra roll on top of your toilet for a quick replacement. Having a replacement roll nearby will keep everyone happy and clean.

Clean your toilet

Everyone will thank you for having a clean toilet! Use a reliable toilet cleaner and scrub your toilet like you're an All-American defensive lineman going to work. Here's one of the most effective ways to clean your toilet.

Clean your bathroom mirror

There's a good chance at least one person will use your bathroom to adjust makeup or apply makeup. Spending a few seconds to clean your bathroom mirror will add extra shine and improve the reflection.

What do you do to prep your bathroom for college game day? Let us know in the comments below!

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