How to make your bathroom dog-friendly

Your dog is your best friend and is always excited to greet you when you get home. It takes time and effort to make your bathroom dog-friendly. Here are four simple ways you can make your bathroom a safe, happy place for your canine family member:

Put child locks on the cabinets: Due to the sensitivity of your dog's nose, the items you store in your cabinets can lead your dog to get his/her nose in places where they shouldn't be. Installing child locks on your cabinet doors is an effective way to prevent your dog from getting into items such as cleaning products, medication and other things such as jewelry.

Proper ventilation is key: Maintaining good air flow is important for both you and your dog. Proper ventilation is easier than you think. If you have a bathroom fan, turn on the bathroom fan every time you use the bathroom. If you don't have a bathroom fan, open your bathroom window when you use the bathroom. Good air flow will help restore balance to your bathroom after activities such as showers, cleaning your floors and using the toilet to take care of business.

Dog-friendly floors are great: If you're remodeling your bathroom, look into installing dog-friendly flooring. Flooring that is waterproof and durable will be key to having a floor that can handle the wear and tear that comes with having a dog. Dog claws are sharp and can quickly scratch up your flooring if you don't have flooring that can handle your dog running through it.

Keep a stash of treats in the bathroom: If you thought the stash of treats in the bathroom were for you, get your mind out of the gutter. It's important to keep some treats for your canine friend in your bathroom to reward good behavior when it happens in your bathroom. It's also important that your dog associates your bathroom with good memories and it isn't a scary place for your dog.

How have you made your bathroom dog-friendly? Share with us in the comments below!

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