How to customize your bathroom to your preferences

It can be challenging when it comes to making your bathroom feel like its yours. Bathrooms often have their own feel and vibe. When it comes to making your bathroom reflect your personal aesthetics, the costs can seem high and harmful to your wallet. The good news is that you can customize your bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are five ways you can customize your bathroom to your preferences (you can follow all of these tips or just one of them depending on your budget):

  • Switch up the lighting: As you may know by now, there are different types of light bulbs that help create different moods in the room you're in. Some lights give off a yellow tint while other lights are white. To get the vibe you want in your bathroom, you may just need to install different light bulbs or add another light source in your bathroom like a chandelier light or a standing lamp in the corner of your bathroom if you have the space.
  • Memory foam floor mats: There's a good chance that you love the lighting of your bathroom but really want to make your bathroom a little easier on your feet. An effective way to make your bathroom floor is by buying memory foam floor mats. Memory foam floor mats are able to help distribute pressure on your feet. Two mats should do the trick with one mat on the floor next to the shower and another in front of your bathroom sink where you stand to brush your teeth etc.
  • Matching bath towels and hand towels: Depending on where you buy your towels and whether or not you buy them all at once, this hack can be expensive. Matching towels really help create a vibe you want in your bathroom. Blues create a cool atmosphere while oranges and yellows create a warmer feel.
  • Deodorizing methods you like: Only you know what smells you can tolerate and what scents you prefer. There are different deodorizing methods you can choose from such as essential oils and baking soda. Essential oils are a useful option since you can choose from a variety of oils from lemon to sandalwood. Baking soda is a popular ingredient when removing odors since it's cost-effective and easy to use. If you're not interested in baking soda or essential oils, you can go use air circulation by opening windows and turning on the bathroom fan.
  • Storage: You can use things like organizing bins for  under your bathroom sink and shower caddies to keep your conditioner in one place. Shower caddies with suction cups are a good option if you're renting and don't want to risk your landlord being upset with you putting in a shower caddie. Organizing bins in your closet will keep items such as towels contained and not overflowing into other parts of your bathroom closet.

Thanks for reading this blog post on how to customize your bathroom to your preferences. How do you customize your bathroom? Share with us in the comments below! 

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