Four bathroom tips that will keep you happy

Although you may not always think about it, when your bathroom is in order then there's a good chance that you will be happy. Here are four bathroom tips that will keep you happy:

1. Stay stocked: Running out of bathroom supplies can make you feel stranded and desperate. Especially when you're sitting on the toilet stuck with an empty toilet paper roll. Always stay stocked with these items: toilet paper, sanitizing wipes and anti-bacterial hand soap.

2. Keep it fresh: Use all-natural ingredients to keep your bathroom fresh. You can use citrus fruits to control and reduce unwanted odors. Here's a blog post with effective recipes using citrus fruits.

3. Regular maintenance makes a difference: Cleaning your toilet, sink and tub on a regular basis will help you stay healthy. Aim for cleaning your toilet, sink and tub at least once a week. It'll help reduce bathroom mold and reduce unpleasant smells. A few other items that need regular cleaning include your toilet brush, toilet tank and trash can.

4. Keep it lit: Make your late-night trips to the bathroom safe and easy with the IllumiBowl. There's nothing like being greeted by a glowing toilet that shows you where you need to go.

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, the IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light popular among potty training families and senior citizens. The IllumiBowl makes your toilet glow in order to make late night trips to the bathroom safe and easy. It's powered by three AAA batteries and attaches easily to any toilet seat. This popular product is toilet technology at its best. Who doesn't love a glowing toilet?