Cool bathroom products you need in your life

Your bathroom can be the coolest part of your whole house! Take advantage of recent innovation by getting these cool bathroom products for your inner sanctum:

Color Changing Shower Head: Powered by running water, the Color Changing Shower Head can be used overhead like normal shower setup or as a handheld. It uses LED lights and can change through three different colors. There are also five different settings that you can change like pulsating massage or power rain.  Get your Color Changing Shower Head here.

IllumiBowl: This motion-activated toilet night light keeps the boogie man away and ensures that you don't miss your target at night. The IllumiBowl made its appearance on Shark Tank in March 2016 and is popular among potty training kiddos and anyone who makes frequent trips late at night. Get your IllumiBowl here.

Towel Warmer: Once you've had your towel warmed, you'll be left wondering how you lived without one. The towel warmer can also warm up blankets and robes so you don't have shiver any longer when stepping out of the shower. Get your towel warmer here.

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, the IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light popular among potty training families and senior citizens. The IllumiBowl makes your toilet glow in order to make late night trips to the bathroom safe and easy. It's powered by three AAA batteries and attaches easily to any toilet seat. This popular product is toilet technology at its best. Who doesn't love a glowing toilet?