Bathroom cleaning priority list before your Halloween party

Making sure your bathroom is clean before your Halloween party is key to having an enjoyable night. Why leave your bathroom in a spooky state when you can do something about it? To simplify it, we've created a simple checklist of what you need to clean before your Halloween party:

  • Toilet: Use your favorite, most effective toilet cleaner and scrub away. One item you can use is white vinegar after the bulk of the cleaning is done. Give your toilet seat a quick spritz of white vinegar then wipe down the toilet seat. Don't forget to rinse off your toilet brush in a stream of hot water for 60 seconds and let it dry.
  • Bathroom sink: Give it a good scrub with an effective scrubber and sink cleaner. Don't forget to clean the chrome with this bathroom hack.
  • Bathroom mirror: Here's an easy bathroom mirror cleaner recipe. It's easy yet effective.
  • Trash can: Empty out your bathroom trash can. Add about 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda as a deodorizer then put in a new trash can liner.

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