3 Bathroom items you should never run out of

There are a few items you should never run out of in your bathroom. You can probably guess at least one of the items. Here are three items you should never run out of:

Toilet paper

This probably the first bathroom item you thought of. Unfortunately, running out of toilet paper still happens. The worst is when you run out of toilet paper while taking care of business. Always keep a spare roll on top of your toilet or on the side of your toilet so you're prepared.

Clean towels

A major first world problem is not having an clean towels to use when you're getting out of the shower or drying your hands. Musky smelling towels are disgusting. Wash your towels on a regular basis and this will never be an issue.

Hand soap

The ability to have clean hands is a must. Do not run out of hand soap. Not only is it essential for your health, having hand soap on hand will prevent your friends from grossing out.

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