Bathroom cleaning schedule when school is in session

School is a back in session! Whether you have a second grader or a senior in high school, life is back to its full on craziness thanks to school. Here's a simple bathroom cleaning schedule to ensure your bathroom is clean while still having time for football practice and math homework:


Empty all trash cans and replace trash can liners.


Clean bathroom mirrors and windows. If you prefer to clean your bathroom mirrors the all-natural way, here's the perfect mirror cleaning recipe.


Run drain snake through all bathroom drains to prevent clogs. This step should take less than 5 minutes.


Sweep/slash vacuum your bathroom floors. Take your time so you don't miss random bits of trash and body hair.


Wash your bath towels, wash cloths and wipe down your bathroom countertops.


You can do this either in the morning before you head out the door or at night before your go to sleep. Clean your toilet on Fridays. In case you forgot to clean your toilet like your mom taught you, visit this link to refresh your memory.


Clean bathtub/shower. This is easier than you think. Here's a link that'll teach you how to clean your bathtub/shower in the fast way possible.

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