3 Ways to prep your bathroom for college gameday

It's college football season! That means cheering your favorite collegiate team and booing your bitter rival! It also means that you'll be hosting your friends over to watch the big game. Don't be caught unprepared. This blog post provides three ways to prep your bathroom for college gameday.

Team color towels

Get towels that have the same color of your favorite team! Every time you or your friends have to take care of business, you and your friends will be reminded of who you're cheering for. With multiple games each season, buying towels with your team colors will be a worthwhile investment. It's a simple touch that adds to the atmosphere.

Stock up on toilet paper

If you have a friend who always brings a violent bean dip to the party, you can't afford to run out of toilet paper. Make sure that you have a full roll installed along with an extra roll on top of your toilet for a quick replacement.

Clean your toilet

Cleaning your bathroom toilet should not take very long. Use your favorite toilet cleaner and scrub away. It'll help remove any disgusting odors and give your toilet bowl a fresh start on gameday.

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