4 Ways you can put petroleum jelly to work for you

Petroleum jelly has a variety of practical uses when you're cleaning and maintaining your bathroom. Here are four ways you can put petroleum jelly to work for you:

1. Shower curtain not sliding smoothly

If the shower rings holding up your shower curtain is not sliding smoothly, add a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your shower rod. This will eliminate squeaking and help you have a smoother experience entering and exiting your shower.

2. Squeaky door hinge

Is your bathroom door squeaking every time you open or close your door? Add petroleum jelly to your bathroom door hinges to eliminate the squeakiness. Don't forget to open and close your bathroom door 5-6 times to work the petroleum jelly into the hinges. If you don't already know, petroleum jelly is a simple but effective lubricant.

3. Dried hands from cleaning

Are your hands dried and cracked from working with different cleaning chemicals? Gently massage a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the affected areas of your hands. Leaving the petroleum jelly on your hands for 5-10 minutes will help speed up the healing process and help your hands gain the moisture it needs.

4. Window not sliding open smoothly

Much like the solution to squeaky door hinges, apply some petroleum jelly to your window tracks to help your bathroom open smoothly. Take time to clean off the window track before applying petroleum jelly so that it's free of dirt or any other particles that can prevent your bathroom window from opening properly.

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