Bathroom lighting styles to enhance your design

The bathroom although often the smallest room in the home is probably the most multifunctional. It’s true, let’s just think about some of the things that go on in that communal, family space.

The daily grooming routine is the first thing that I am sure would spring to everyone’s mind, makeup application, shaving and teeth cleaning. But, let’s not forget about baby bath times, relaxing at the end of the day in a deep bubble bath, the arduous task of toilet training toddlers, and even that’s not all. There are also the middle of the night toilet visits where we desperately try not to fully wake up.

So, that little room in the house is open 24/7 for any number of tasks for a range of ages. How then do you get the lighting right for such a versatile space?

Well, let us break that down into the types of lighting and the options there are for that lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting, it is the ambient light that provides that comfortable level of light to enable you to see well enough to function in your bathroom, and move about it safely.

Generally it is the light that is delivered as a result of flicking on the light switch. Or, of course, the natural light that comes streaming through a your frosted bathroom window.

Although your ambient lighting is your everyday illumination it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. To give a modern fresh look to a bathroom recessed led spot lighting is a popular choice. Flush fitting and taking up little space, this stylish lighting option blends into the the room.

For a touch of glamour think about sophisticated pendant lights or even chandeliers to deliver your ambient light, if the ceiling height permits of course. And why not? The bathroom is more commonly used for relaxation, a chandelier will look impressive and add a touch of romance to enhance that luxury.

Many bathrooms lack in natural light due to them having no windows at all. Ambient lights can help make up for that.

Task Lighting

As it’s name would suggest task lighting provides the light that you need to carry out specific tasks. In the bathroom that is your daily grooming and makeup application, therefore this lighting is often heavily focused around bathroom mirrors.

This form of lighting can be delivered, again, by recessed or track lighting that is directed onto specific task areas.

A strategically placed spotlight over the basin or toilet for example. A stylish LED mirror or mirrored cabinet is a great choice of task lighting to ensure you leave the bathroom preened to perfection. There are a very wide range of styles available too, from the traditional illuminated mirror designs through to the more contemporary LED demister cabinets.

Your LED task lighting doesn’t have to stop there! If you have ever had to use the bathroom facilities during the night, and dread having to turn on the overhead lighting, then why not light up your toilet with LEDs too?

That's right, this is completely possible with an Illumibowl motion activated night light for your toilet. Not only a great source of functional task lighting, it will also add some fun to your bathroom, and it’s a great potty training aid too.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, the finishing touches to any room design. This style of lighting is used to create interest and mood and to highlight design features such as the texture of a wall, a hung painting, or houseplants for example.

Making your ambient lighting dimmable makes your bathroom lighting much more adaptable, enabling you to change from general lighting to sexy ambient light with just the turn of a switch.

For a room where relaxation is one of the main activities you can satisfy any candle fetish or addiction you may have. Surely everyone dreams of deep bubble baths surrounded by flickering scented candles? Well hello romantic, sensual accent lighting.

It could also be argued that the led lighting for your toilet and vanity mirror, previously mentioned, are also a source of accent lighting too.

Layering your Lighting

As said, the bathroom is used for a multitude of functions all of which require slightly different levels of lighting, all of which we have discussed in this article.

Take all of these lighting styles and layer them throughout your room for the perfect lighting design to cover everything from everyday tasks to the ultimate in relaxation, and don’t forget you can have fun with it too!

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