Bathroom cleaning products that are dangerous for pets

Depending on your personality, your cat could be your best friend or your dog could be your best friend. Keeping them safe from dangerous bathroom cleaning products is a priority. Here are five different bathroom cleaning products you should keep out of reach from your household pets:

  • Alcohols: common ingredient in antifreeze, aerosols and glass cleaners
  • Chlorine: typically in a bottle of its own and not mixed with other chemicals
  • Ammonia: common in ingredient in glass cleaners
  • Alkalis: ingredient in toilet bowl cleaners
  • Formaldehyde: can be found in different glues

Pets can be curious at times. If your pet is able to access your cleaning materials, there can be negative consequences. You can prevent your pets from dabbling in your cleaning supplies by moving the cleaning products out of reach or locking them up. 

Pets like dogs have sensitive noses so ensuring proper ventilation is also key to helping your pets be safe. What steps do you take to protect your pets from harmful cleaning supplies? Tell us in the comments below!

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