3 Cleaning mistakes you can easily avoid

You have good intentions. So does everyone else when it comes to cleaning. However, we know good intentions sometimes end up with a few mishaps along the way. 

Here are three mistakes you can easily avoid when cleaning your bathroom:

1. Not cleaning your toilet brush before returning it to its holder

Returning your toilet brush directly to its holder after cleaning your toilet is not the best practice. Take time to rinse your toilet brush with hot water for 60 seconds then sanitize it with your preferred cleaning liquid. Doing so will help reduce the chances of bacteria thriving on your toilet brush.

2. Not all cleaners are disinfectants

Chances are, you've purchased different powerful cleaning solutions. On the other hand, the different cleaning solutions you have under your bathroom sink do not all have the ability to disinfect. The key to knowing whether or not your cleaning solutions kill germs? Read the labels. Do your research.

3. Not putting the brakes on natural cleaners

While you can make lemonade from your lemons, lemon juice may be too strong of a cleaner for your bathroom finishes. Natural acids are still acids so be sure to test a small surface area before attempting to put natural cleaners like lemon juice to work for you.

What bathroom cleaning mistakes have you made?

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