5 ways to save money on your water bill

The average water bill in the U.S. is $40. If there was a way to cut down on your monthly water bill, wouldn't you do it? Here are five different ways you can save money on your water bill:

Shower timer- Shower clocks are an effective way for you to not waste any time in the shower. It's also a great way for your kids to stay focused when taking a shower. Depending on the shower timer, the shower timer can be a waterproof model which can be installed on the inside of the shower.

PC: Thirteen Of Clubs

PC: Thirteen Of Clubs

Pipe maintenance- Leaky pipes and faucets to contribute to your total water bill. One way you can save money is by staying on top of pipe maintenance. Repairs are easiest when they're caught early on. Know where the main shut-off valve so you can turn off the water in case of a broken pipe.

Low-flow shower head- The best shower heads help you wash off properly without wasting H2O. If you need some tips, here's the link to a low-flow shower head buying guide. High-flow shower heads send a great amount of water at around 80 psi compared to 20 psi of water sent through low-flow shower heads. You can save more than a 1,000 gallons of water a year which translates into savings.

Shower instead of baths- Baths use a great deal of water especially if it's a big bath tub. By taking showers instead of baths, you save on both time and on your water bill. The average bath uses 36 gallons to fill a tub compared to the average shower head that uses five gallons of water every 60 seconds it's on. Showers are also better for your skin according the spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology. 

turning off the water when brushing your teeth will save you money

Turn off the water when brushing- As long as you turn off the water when brushing teeth or shaving, you can save money on your water bill. Water is wasted during the 60-120 seconds you have the water running while cleaning your chompers. Water is also wasted when when you're shaving. Only turn on the water when you're actually rinsing off shaving cream or rinsing the blade off.

How do you save money on your water bill? Share with us in the comments below!

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