5 quick solutions for 5 different smell sources in your bathroom

Bathroom odors can be really nasty if left unchecked. The foul smell can swiftly permeate every inch of your bathroom and become a source of embarrassment when guests drop by and need to use the restroom. Often the simplest solutions to eliminating the dank stench is to open the bathroom window, regularly clean the toilet bowl and switch on the bathroom fan if there is one.

However, if the odor persists after opening the window, switching on the fan and cleaning the bathroom again, then it’s time to get creative and use some quick fixes. Below are listed five different smell sources in the bathroom and their respective quick fixes:

  • 1. Source: Poop smell from the toilet bowl
  • Solution: Stubborn poop smell usually occurs when you are potty training your child or have a senior citizen at home. The good news is that this unpleasant smell can be easily eliminated with an odor eliminator. Don’t purchase an air refresher since they simply mask the reeking odor. Once the air refresher wears off, the stench will be back with a vengeance. Moreover, refreshers simply add a good smell on top of the bad one, they don’t eliminate the smell.

    There are a variety of effective odor eliminators available in stores and online. DampRid and Bad Air Sponge are highly recommended brands. The alternative is investing in an air purifier. Purifiers are especially helpful if your bathroom has poor ventilation and air circulation. Additionally, mixing essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, lemon and cedar oil with water and spraying it in the bathroom can go a long way in removing those annoying poop smells.

  • 2. Source: Urine smell from the toilet bowl
  • Solution: Baking soda is your best friend when it comes to eliminating urine smell from the toilet bowl. Mix one-part of vinegar with one-part of baking soda and rub this paste on the inner walls of the bowl and the bottom. Let this mixture be on the bowl for an hour before scrubbing it with a brush and flushing it off. You can repeat this process as much as needed. Baking soda is an extremely efficient odor absorber.

  • 3. Source: Mildew and mold
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  • Solution: The unpleasant smell in your bathroom may not be coming from the toilet bowl at all. It may be as a result of mildew which is caused when there is excess moisture in the room. The best way to get rid of it is by using desiccants such as silica gels that absorb moisture. Silica gels are those little packets that often come in shoeboxes.

    However, desiccants should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Put them in a small plastic container and make holes in the lid. Keep this container in your bathroom. Other natural desiccants include plants such as lilies and ferns.

    Mold, which is a type of fungus, can be eliminated using a mixture of one-part hydrogen peroxide and two-parts of water. Add this blend in a spray bottle and spray it on the moldy surface. Let this mixture stay for an hour before scrubbing it off. If the problem persists, you may need to hire a professional cleaner to remove the mold.

  • 4. Source: Trashcan
  • Solution: Cleaning the bathroom’s trashcan is often neglected in many households. Unfortunately, when it becomes dirty, it emits a foul smell that can induce many a frowns. Besides throwing its contents regularly, add two tablespoons of baking soda (see best friend!) to the bottom of the trashcan before adding the trashcan liner.

  • 5. Source: Bath towels, hand towels and shower curtain
  • Solution: Moisture easily accumulates in bath towels, hand towels, shower curtains and bathrobes. The easiest way to eradicate the dank stench is to wash them all at least once a week using odor-eliminating detergents that specifically target bad smells instead of opting for a generic one. Moreover, instead of using the machine to dry the towels, opt for air-drying them.

    Furthermore, don’t forget to frequently wash bath mats in order reduce a buildup of bacteria, replace toilet brushes (which also have bacteria) every year and use a separate cleaning sponge to only wipe your toilet tank.

    Pesky scents can make it difficult to spend time in the bathroom and be a source of embarrassment when neighbors and guests drop by but a few quick fixes such as liberally using baking sodas, odor eliminators, air purifiers and frequently cleaning the bathroom can easily eliminate them. Don’t live with the stink when you can easily get rid of them.

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