4 things you need in your bathroom this holiday season

The holiday season is in full swing so it's key that you're prepared. Here are four things you need in your bathroom this holiday season:

Antibacterial hand soap

This is a must. The holidays are a social time of year setting you up to interact with friends and family. Keep antibacterial hand soap on hand will help you and your family stay healthy and protected from different organisms that will make you sick.

Holiday scents

Whether it's holiday scented candles or potpourri, always have holiday scents on hand. It'll keep your bathroom smelling fresh regardless of what kind of business is done. Popular holiday scents include peppermint and pumpkin. If you have little ones at home, keep the matches and/or lighters out of reach.


Having an IllumiBowl installed is a necessity like having holiday scented candles. Why? Because Santa will not want to turn on the lights when he's making his delivery.

Fun accessories

Don't break the bank to do this, but if you can, holiday-themed towels are always a nice touch to prepping your bathroom for the holiday season. Towels with snow flake designs and snow men are a fun way to liven up your bathroom.

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As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, the IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light designed to make late night trips to the bathroom safe and easy. The IllumiBowl is popular among potty training families and senior citizens.