3 YouTubers who make cleaning easy

YouTube is a great resource for people who learn by example and demonstration. If this describes you, this blog post was written with you in mind. Here are three YouTubers who have created genius cleaning hacks to simplify life in your inner sanctum:

1. Household Hacker

With more than 4 million subscribers, Household Hacker provides content that'll help you live life more efficiently. Household Hacker uses clear original footage combined with upbeat music to demonstrate how efficiently take care of business.

2. Clean My Space

Host Melissa Maker takes you through different hacks that'll make your life easier and save you money each month. Maker's videos watched in 165 countries and has helped people around the world clean their spaces since 2008.

3. Buzzfeed Video

A tried and proven resource for life hacks in general, Buzzfeed Video is a great resource on ways to make your life easier. The millennial company has more than 10 million subscribers. Feel free to take advantage of all of Buzzfeed Video's life hacks and tips.

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