3 things you need stop doing in your bathroom this winter

Bad habits you have when maintaining your bathroom can cost you time and money. Here are things you need to stop doing in your bathroom:

Letting mold grow

Just because temperatures are lower during this time of the year doesn't mean you don't ever need to turn on the bathroom fan or open the bathroom window. Take time to turn on the fan or open the window. By increasing air circulation in your bathroom, you'll be able to reduce the chances of mold growing as well as keeping your bathroom from smelling poorly. The few seconds you take to increase air flow will save you from spending time cleaning bathroom mold.

Not replacing hand towels

Always replace your hand towels at least once week. Even once a week might not be enough. When everyone uses the same hand towels after washing their hands, the hand towels has the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep a good supply of hand towels on hand so you won't run out of a hand towels. Much like the rest of your bathroom, your hand towels can grow moldy and smell undesirable.

Waiting longer than a week to clean your toilet

Toilets can become nasty at a faster rate than other places in your home. It's a no brainer. Consistent and frequent cleaning will prevent bacterial growth and gagging every time you or a guest uses your bathroom. Life gets busy but do your best to clean your toilet every 2-3 days.

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