3 Things you're doing wrong when cleaning your bathroom this summer

If you're doing any of the following when it comes to cleaning your bathroom, there are a few changes you need to make in your life. We're making it easy for you with these three pointers:

1. Scrubbing your shower curtain

Please don't tell us you're actually doing this. Save yourself some time and throw your shower curtain in the washer. Add a couple towels in the batch and you're good to go (towels will prevent your shower curtain from shrinking). After going through this experience, you'll wonder why you wasted precious hours of your life in the first place.

2. Leaving behind your toilet untouched

You can't forget to clean behind your toilet. It'll become filthy if it's not cleaned at least once a week. Don't be surprised if you find hair or the remnants of a toilet trip gone wrong. Use your favorite bathroom cleaner with anti-bacterial properties to clean behind your toilet and make sure it's safe for the whole family.

3. You never run your fan (or open your window)

This is such a simple solution to reducing mildew and any other unpleasant odors that can result from a lack of air circulation in your bathroom. Always remember to turn on the fan or crack open the window when taking a shower or cleaning your bathroom. It'll help you keep things fresh in your inner sanctum.

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