15 Incredible bathroom hook hacks by Elle of Cleverly Changing*

Hacks often come to mind when you are forced to be creative and use something else for a different purpose than it was originally designed for. Do you have a small bathroom or tons of products and you don’t know where to put them? Have you struggled to find an organization solution that will be both functional and useful for your family’s bathroom needs? Well, if you can answer yes to any of those questions, below are some simple but efficient bathroom hacks that work so well, you’ll wish you used them during your college days.

Hooks are great for more things than just hanging pictures. The fact that they are strong enough for pictures comes in handy when you want to use them in your bathroom to help save space.

Simply clean the surface with a little soap and water, and then dry it completely before you stick on the hook. Remember not to use the hook on a damp surface because it will no longer stick.
Shower hook hacks - Cleverly Changing
Hooks can be used in your shower to hold:
1. Washcloths
2. Sponges
3. Razors
4. Personal care bottles like shampoo and conditioner
5. Glasses
Cabinet hooks hack - Cleverly Changing
Use hooks under your bathroom cabinets to hold:
6. Hair ties
7. Extra toothbrushes
8. Extra razors
9. Cleaning gloves

Behind the door hook hacks - Cleverly Changing

Use hooks behind your bathroom medicine cabinet door or bathroom door:
10. Toothbrush holder
11. Bathrobe holder
12. Night gown holder

Toilet hook hacks - Cleverly Changing

Use hooks beside your toilet:
13. Toilet wand holder
14. Cleaning brush holder
15. Poo-pourri holder

If the item you want to hang doesn’t already have a hole for the hook, be creative, you can use a binder clip, curtain clips, or a string to create a hole that will hang onto the hook.

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