Chemical components and attributes of four common bathroom cleaners

Have you ever wondered what the main chemical components and attributes of different bathroom cleaners that are probably stored under your bathroom sink? We've compiled a list of four common bathroom cleaners and what their main chemical components are just for you: 

1. Comet Disinfectant Cleanser Powder

Main Function: Designed to eliminate dirt and grime from different surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic tile and stainless steel.

Main Chemical Components: Fragrance(s)/Perfume(s), Surfactant(s), Sodium carbonate, Calcium Carbonate

2. Lysol All Purpose Complete Clean with Bleach

Main Function: Remove soap scrum, mildew. Also designed to kill germs.

Main Chemical Components: Fragrance(s)/Perfume(s), Sodium hydroxide, Lauramine oxide, Sodium chloride

3. Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Mega Shower Foamer

Main Function: Formula designed to dissolve and get rid of soap scum on surfaces such as shower tile.

Main Chemical Components: Fragrance(s)/Perfumes(s), Ethoxylated alcohols, Isobutane, Citric acid

4. Orange Energy Pine Sol All Purpose Cleaner

Main Function: Clean tough grime while deodorizing smelly surfaces.

Main Chemical Components: Triethanolamine, Alcohols, C10-14, ethoxylated

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