4 Ways you can put Apple Cider Vinegar to work for you

Apple cider vinegar is a great all-natural solution to other store bought cleaners. It helps remove grime while killing germs and deodorizing everything around it. Here are four tips we know you'll love!

1. Clean stainless steel

You can use apple cider vinegar at full strength to clean your stainless steel bathroom objects and fixtures. Simply add 3-5 drops of apple cider vinegar to a clean cloth and wipe down the stainless steel item you want to clean. Repeat it these steps until you have the results you desire.

2. Make your toilet the clean, safe place you want it to be

Like stainless steel, apple cider vinegar can be used at full strength to clean your toilet. Apple cider vinegar is a natural alternative that has germ killing properties. Fill a 24 oz spray bottle with apple cider vinegar then spray your porcelain throne. Follow up the spray session by wiping your toilet down with a clean rag. Cleaning your toilet bowl with apple cider vinegar will also help deodorize your toilet bowl from any unpleasant odors.

3. Freshen up your shower curtain and kill mildew

Although your shower curtain may have vibrant, pretty colors or a fresh floral design, it is a natural environment where mildew can thrive. You should wash your shower curtain at least once a month (maybe every two weeks if you live in a humid area). Here's an easy recipe you can clean your shower curtain with and eliminate any mildew with the help of apple cider vinegar:

  • Put your shower curtain in a washing machine with two bath towels (the bath towels will help prevent your shower curtain from shrinking).
  • Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the rinse cycle and 1/2 cup of baking soda to the detergent cycle.
  • Start the washing machine with warm water.
  • Immediately hang dry after the wash cycle is over.

4. Someone missed the toilet while puking?

Add undiluted apple cider vinegar to a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas with apple cider vinegar and allow the apple cider vinegar to sit for 60 seconds. Wipe up the the vomit-affected areas with paper towels and discard of the used paper towels. The apple cider vinegar will reduce unpleasant odors and kill any bacteria it touches.

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