3 Things in your bathroom you should clean more than once a year

Your bathroom is a special place. You enter dirty and leave clean. Chances are that you also leave a little lighter thanks to your porcelain throne. Unfortunately, there may be a few items in your bathroom you need to clean more often. Here are three things in your bathroom you should clean more than once a year:

1. Your shower curtain:

Although your shower curtain may have pretty colors or a cool chevron design, it is a natural environment where mildew can thrive. You should wash your shower curtain at least once a month (maybe every two weeks if you live in a humid area). Here's an easy recipe you can clean your shower curtain with and eliminate any mildew:

  • Put your shower curtain in a washing machine with two bath towels (the bath towels will help prevent your shower curtain from shrinking).
  • Add a half-cup of chlorine bleach and a quarter-cup of detergent.
  • Start the washing machine with warm water.
  • Immediately hang dry after the wash cycle is over.

2. Your toilet:

If you're cleaning your porcelain throne only once a year, shame on you. The good news is that you can do better by cleaning your toilet at least once a week. Follow these quick steps for your bowl to improve your bathroom experience for all who enter your inner sanctum:

  • Spray the lid and seat with a disinfectant bathroom cleaner. Wipe down lid and seat.
  • Add one cup of baking soda in your toilet bowl. Allow it to sit for 60 seconds. Scrub with toilet brush. Flush
  • Wipe down sides of toilet brush with a microfiber cloth.

3. Your toilet brush:

Returning your toilet brush directly to its holder after cleaning your toilet is not the best practice. Take time to rinse your toilet brush with hot water for 60 seconds then sanitize it with your preferred cleaning liquid after every toilet cleaning session. Doing so will help reduce the chances of bacteria thriving on your toilet brush. This is an absolute must, especially if you have a little one at home who loves to taste objects that shouldn't be tasted. If your toilet brush has a lingering smell, try adding 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil to your toilet brush holder.

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