10 things you need to throw out of your bathroom in the next 10 days

Cleansing your bathroom of things you don't need anymore will do wonders for your mental and emotional health. Here are 10 things you need to toss out from your bathroom:

1. Out of date magazines: If you have a magazine subscription, that means you have new magazines arriving at your home daily. Toss out anything older than one month unless there's one copy you absolutely love.

2. Shoppings bags: If you use old shopping bags as trash bags, find a way to organize and store them so they're not out in the open. If you don't use them as trash bags, toss them in the trash can.

3. Empty medicine containers: What's the point of keeping empty medicine containers?

4. Expired medicine: Just dangerous. Get rid of your expired meds ASAP.

5. Empty cleaning solution bottles: If your cleaning solution bottles and containers are empty, throw them in the dumpster. It'll help you know which cleaning solutions you need to replace and clear up space in under your bathroom sink.

6. Outdated makeup: Extra runny or crumbly makeup doesn't get the job done. Get rid of them.

7. Towels with holes: What's the point of keeping towels with holes? New towels can be a little costly but the investment will pay off quickly. How so? How about a fresh towel smell, greater absorption and a towel with no holes.

8. Caked makeup brushes: Just replace them. You'll thank us.

9. Out of date hair products: Maybe that's reason why you're going bald?

10. Excess hair accessories: Go through your rubber bands, hair clips etc. and get rid of the accessories you haven't used in the last month. Chances are that you don't need them.

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