The benefits of proper hydration

Whether you're already potty trained or making the transition from diapers to regular underwear, proper hydration provides a great deal of benefits. Here are four benefits of proper hydration:

Illness prevention: Anyone who drinks enough water everyday will help maintain good health. Research collected by the CDC has shown that hydration can reduce different health risks such as poor dental health and obesity. Along with becoming more vulnerable to different illnesses, dehydration leads to less blood circulation which can make muscles cramp up.

Healthy skin: Dry skin may be connected to dehydration. Especially in warmer months, proper hydration will help your child maintain healthy skin. According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, drinking enough water can help prevent skin from becoming wrinkly. Dry skin doesn't have the resilience it needs to deal with the stresses of outdoor play.

Energy levels: When your child is properly hydrated, he/she will have an easier time having the energy he/she needs to play all year long. Muscle cells require a healthy balance of fluids to function properly. When your kid is dehydrated, your kid's muscle cells won't be able to perform different functions such as jump roping or playing soccer. Monitor your child's water intake so your child can enjoy every chance he/she has to play.

Balance body fluids: Since your body is roughly 60 percent water, it only makes sense that proper hydration will your body maintain its body functions. Everything from circulation to digestion requires a good balance of body fluids. Different health problems such as constipation can be prevented by being properly hydrated.

What ways can you keep your child hydrated? Share with us in the comments below!

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