Summer incentives for potty training

Summer incentives for potty training are an effective way to motivate your child when learning to take care of business in the bathroom and not in diapers. Creativity can go a long way in keeping your kid interested in potty training while ensuring your incentives aren't too painful on your wallet. Here are three potty training incentives that will help you take advantage of this summer:

  1. Beach/pool time: Why wouldn't you take advantage of beach time or pool time? Unless you have your own swimming pool or live right on the beach, this incentive is a complete treat. The great thing about going to the beach or pool is it's also fun for you as well. Reward your kid for having at least 3 accident-free days with time in the water.
  2. New swimsuit: This incentive goes hand-in-hand with incentive number one. If beach/pool time is becoming the new norm thanks to multiple successful potty training days, a new swimsuit is a logical incentive this summer. Take your kiddo with you to pick out a fun, colorful swimsuit your kiddo will love.
  3. Smoothies: One problem you must be aware of during summer time is dehydration. It's important for both you and your potty training kid to stay hydrated. Fruit smoothies are a tasty way to keep your child hydrated and help her/him receive the nutrient she/he needs. You can either make your own smoothies at home or go to a local smoothie shop to treat your kiddo.

What summer incentives have you used or are currently using to help your kid make the transition from diapers to big kid undies? Share them with us in the comments below!

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