Prepping your potty training kid for preschool

Sending your potty training kid off to preschool can be frightening for you as a parent if you don't prepare your kid.  Here are three P's that'll help you send your kid off to preschool with confidence:

Potty training backups

Don't send your potty training kid off to school unprepared! Talk to your child's teacher about keep a potty training emergency kit on hand for your child in case of an accident. Visit this link to learn how to put the best emergency kit together for your kiddo.

Practice makes perfect

Go over different scenarios your child might encounter while at preschool. Some scenarios you can talk over with your kid include what to do in case of an accident on the playground and how to ask a teacher for help when needed.

Positive reinforcement at home

Reward potty training successes (i.e. a dry day at school) when your kid gets home from preschool. You know which incentives are the most effective for your kid. Incentives can include a trip to the park or a new toy dinosaur to play with. Positive reinforcement will help you remind your potty training kiddo that you are on the same team.

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