Potty training your grandchild made easy

Not everyone potty training a kiddo is potty training their own child. For some of you IllumiBowl fans, the kid you are potty training is your granddaughter or grandson. Potty training again after a few decades after potty training your own can be exhausting. Here are a few tips to ease the journey you're on of helping your grandchild move from diapers to regular underwear:

  • Incentives: Everyone is motivated by different things. Your grandchild may find extra potty training motivation from the following trips to the park, candy, a new toy, a new coloring book. Sometimes what's effective as an incentive can change from day 2 to day 4 of potty training.
  • Schedule/routine: Human beings tend to be creatures of habit so it's important to work out a routine with your grandchild to prevent accidents and develop healthy patterns of potty training. Make a point to walk your grandkid to the potty after the following:

          - Waking up in the morning

          - After each meal

          - After coming home from preschool, trip to the grocery store, church etc.

          - Before going to sleep

  • Cleaning supplies: Despite providing the best potty training incentives and working out a detailed schedule, accidents happen which is why it's important to have cleaning supplies on hand whether you're at home or on the road. You may need a potty training emergency kit on hand to be prepared. Cleaning supplies you should always have available and within reach include sanitizing cleaning wipes, paper towels, and disinfecting spray.
  • Treat yourself: Just like how your grandchild needs incentives to stay focused on the goal and make the transition to regular underwear, use incentives to keep you motivated. If that means going out for coffee with friends after a long night dealing with bedwetting then do it.

Are there any tips we may have forgotten? Share with us in the comments below!

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