10 Incentives for summertime potty training

Is your child finally ready to make the transition from diapers to big kid underwear during the summer and complete his/her potty training? Overcoming the learning curve is easier than you think with the help of incentives. Here are 10 potty training incentives that'll help you and your kiddo take full advantage of the sunny days of summer:

1. Ice pops: Who doesn't like ice pops? Using ice pops is a great way for your child to cool off in the summer heat.

2. Pool time: Depending on your access to a pool, this could a be daily incentive or a weekly incentive. Have fun and be sure to use sunscreen!

3. Park time: Always a free option, go to the park on the daily if you can! Take time to ride the swings or play catch.

4. Blow bubbles: You can make your own bubbles or buy some from the store. Your kid will enjoy blowing bubbles and watch them take flight.

5. Water balloon fight: Having a water balloon fight will take a little more work but it's worth it. It help your child with hand-eye coordination and stay cool in the summer.

6. Sidewalk chalk: A pack of sidewalk chalk is cheap and easy to clean up. Your little one will be entertained for hours thanks to his/her imagination.

7. Catch butterflies: Grab a net chase some of the prettiest insects around! There's something satisfying about catching a butterfly or two.

8. Bike ride: Whether your kid can ride a bike or is still using training wheels, a bike ride is a fun way to explore the neighborhood and get some fresh air.

9. Run through sprinklers: This is a low-cost incentive like going to the park. Don't forget to have a dry towel and change of clothes nearby!

10. Trip to the zoo: Whether your child likes snakes or elephants, the zoo is always a fun incentive. Taking a trip to the zoo can be a worthwhile incentive if your child had two or more weeks with successful trips to the bathroom.

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