3 Ways to make potty training easy this fall

Leaves are changing colors and the air is getting colder. Your kid is going through changes as well making the transition from diapers to big kid underwear. Here are three ways to make potty training easy this fall:

Stay hydrated

Although the temperature is cooler than summer time, your child can still get dehydrated. Help your child stay hydrated by bringing bottled water with you when you go to the park and have your child drink water even at home when he/she is playing in the backyard. Make sure your child is urinating about once every hour. Another way to help your child stay hydrated is by providing fresh fruit such as grapes, peaches and honeydew melons. Fruits have a high water content and help your child avoid dehydration.

Keep an emergency potty training kit on hand

Having a wet wipes and a change of underwear on hand is an important part of being prepared. Despite previous potty training successes, accidents can still happen. Here's how to put together a simple, yet effective, emergency potty training kit.

Fall incentives

It's fall! Celebrate the season by creating incentives related to the season. Some incentives for potty training success you can use are a pumpkin carving session and choosing a fun Halloween costume. Comment below with your favorite fall incentives.

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