4 Things to always keep on hand when potty training

Accidents happen. Especially during potty training. Here are four things to keep on hand when potty training your kid:

Wet wipes

Always handy, wet wipes do a great job of cleaning up messes. Remember to keep the container closed so they don't dry out.

Extra pair of underwear and shorts/pants

Whether it's on the road or at home, keep an extra pair of underwear and shorts/pants nearby. When accidents happen, you'll want to be able to change your child quickly.

Hand sanitizer

Keeping hand sanitizer on hand will be helpful. A few squirts combined with thorough application will get the job done.


Is this even a question? Always have an effective incentive on hand when you're potty training your child. Some incentives you can use are toys, a coloring book or even healthy snacks. He/she needs to know that you are on his/her team.

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