Keeping your potty training child hydrated during the summer months

Helping your potty training child hydrated during the warmer months of the year is important for your child's health as well as his/her potty training progress. Here's how to keep your kid hydrated while staying on track with potty training goals:

1. Monitor urination frequency

Toddlers who are properly hydrated will pee about once every hour. If your child is going to the bathroom to urinate less than once every waking hour, increase your child's water intake by a few ounces every hour until the frequency of peeing once an hour is achieved. Another factor to consider is the shade of your child's urine. If it's on the darker end of the spectrum, increase your kid's water intake.

2. Eat fruits with high water content

A tasty way to help your potty training kid stay hydrated is by providing fruits high in water content. As you may have guessed, watermelon is a great option thanks to its high water content. Other tasty options your child can snack on to stay hydrated are apples and apricots. Eating fruits regularly will help your child get the water he/she needs as well as the fiber he/she needs to prevent constipation.

3. Stay inside during peak heat

Whether you're living in New York or South Dakota, you know the hottest times of the day in your area. Help your child avoid heat-related illnesses by staying inside during the hottest times of the day. Doing so will help your child stay safe and healthy.

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