Halloween potty training incentives

Halloween is in a few days. Use these next few days to take advantage of the Halloween season and help your potty training child continue to make progress:

Creepy crawly toys

If your potty training child has love for creepy and crawly things, this incentive may be the way to go. For every three days of potty training success, award your child with a new plastic toy spider or plastic toy bug of some sort.

Caramel apples

A sweet reward, caramel apples are easy to make and provide a good source of natural fiber. Here's a simple recipe from the Food Network.

Cool costumes

It's not too late to pick out a cool costume with your kiddo if you haven't already done so. Choose a costume with your child as a fun, special incentive for potty training. It can be anything from a princess to a pirate or a star athlete.

For more great potty training tips like this, visit the IllumiBowl potty training blog. As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, the IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light designed to make late night trips to the bathroom safe and easy. It's popular among potty training kids and senior citizens.



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