Perfect Christmas gifts for potty training children

Christmas is just around the corner! We're invested in your potty training success. Here are three perfect Christmas gifts for potty training children:

Big kid undies

Receiving new big kid underwear is a great way for your potty training child to stay motivated.  Whether your kid loves fun colors or superheroes, pick out regular underwear that matches your kid's interests. Oh, and make sure that the underwear fits properly. No one likes to wear underwear that's too big or too small.

Christmas-themed coloring books

Crayons/colored pencils combined with fun Christmas coloring books can provide hours of fun and a creative outlet for your artistic child. Coloring books are an effective way to reward your kid for having a string of potty training successes.

Santa hat 

This incentive/Christmas gift could be given before Christmas. After each successful trip to the bathroom, your kid can wear the Santa hat as an incentive. It's a great way to have fun and stay in tune with the festive spirit of the holidays.

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