Keep potty training clean

Potty training can be a messy experience since your child is learning a new skill. Learning how to take care of business only in the potty can take of bit of time but you can keep the learning experience clean and fresh with these three tips:

Sanitizing wipes: This tip sounds like a no brainer, but not everyone remembers to keep a container of sanitizing wipes on hand. Sanitizing wipes come in handy cleaning up after any spills or misses. Don't forget to regularly wipe down your child's potty after each use to reduce bacterial growth.

Never running out of toilet paper: Always keep an extra roll of toilet paper within reach. Teaching your kid to take of number two in the potty but not have enough toilet paper is never a good situation to put your kid in. Regularly reviewing proper wiping technique with child will prevent infections and ensure that you child gets everything before getting full dressed.

Teaching proper hand washing: In case you need a quick review, here's the five step process of hand washing from the CDC below:

  1. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap.
  2. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Be sure to lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails.
  3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Hum the "Happy Birthday" song from beginning to end twice.
  4. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.
  5. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them.

How do you keep things clean and fresh when potty training your child? Let us know in the comments below!

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