Keep costs down when potty training

As with anything in life, potty training can be expensive if you don't keep it under check and are great at money management. There are different factors involved in potty training from picking a potty for your child to use to rewarding your child with incentives. Here are three ways to keep the costs down when potty training your kiddo:

1. Secondhand/hand-me-down potty: Why buy a brand new potty when you have perfectly good one in storage? If you don't have a hand-me-down, check out the local thrift store and see if they have a potty you can take home. Here's a link to help you pick out the right potty for your potty training child.

2. Dollar store incentives: If you're in search for fun incentives to reward your child's potty training progress, you don't need to buy your incentive from a major retailer. You can often find toys, stickers and other creative incentives at a dollar store. It'll help your child stay motivated when making the transition from diapers to big kid underwear.

3. Keep it clean: Don't forget to quickly clean up after any accidents that happen. Use cleaning supplies that have anti-bacterial properties. Any illnesses spread through your child's fecal matter is preventable with quick and effective clean up. Here are specific tips on how to keep potty training clean. Why pay for medical bills when you could've prevented sicknesses in the first place?

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