How to potty train on a schedule

Potty training, as you may already know, requires a lot of energy and work to help children make the transition from diapers to regular underwear. Whether you're potty training a boy or a girl, a regular schedule helps since human beings tend to be creatures of habit. Here's simple schedule/game plan to help your kid succeed:

8:00 a.m.: Wake up, trip to the potty

8:30 a.m.: Breakfast then trip to the potty

9:30 a.m.: Trip to the potty

10:30 a.m.: Light snack, water, and trip to the potty

11:30 a.m.: Trip to the potty

12:30 p.m.: Lunch then trip to the potty

1:30 p.m.: Trip to the potty

2:30 p.m.: Water, trip to the potty

3:30 p.m.: Light snack, water, trip to the potty

4:30 p.m.: Trip to the potty

5:30 p.m.: Dinner then trip to the potty

6:30 p.m.: Trip to the potty

7:30 p.m.: Water then trip to the potty

8:30 p.m.: Trip to the potty

9:30 p.m.: Trip to the potty then bedtime

Regular trips to the potty will help reduce accidents and help your child make trips to the potty a habit when taking care of business. Regular trips will also help your kid realize that using the potty is normal. 

When it comes to snacks throughout the day, choose snacks that provide vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. Such snacks will prevent constipation and help your kiddo develop healthy eating habits. Providing water throughout the day for your potty training kid will help him/her stay hydrated while ensuring that potty trips are productive.

If you already have a schedule in place, share with us in the comments below!

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