How to know your child is potty trained

Potty training can take anywhere from a couple days to several weeks depending on your teaching methods and how ready your child is to make the transition to regular underwear. Here are a few different ways to know potty training is completed:

  • Walks to the bathroom independently: Your child being able to go to the bathroom without you needing to walk with him/her is a big step towards independence. This means you may no longer need to constantly walk with your child every time he/she needs to pee or poop. Encourage your kid to take every step towards independence.
  • Dresses self in regular underwear: If wearing regular underwear starts to become the norm for your kid, you have officially moved out of diapers and onto the next phase. Feel free to purchase less expensive underwear to start. Accidents will happen from time to time so if you need to throw away one pair, it's not as big of a deal due to the low cost.
  • No bedwetting: No one wants their child to wake up soaked in their own urine. It's a gross feeling. One sign that your child is potty trained is the end of bedwetting. Of course, not all children struggle with bedwetting but for the children who do, it can be difficult making it to the bathroom in time. Here's how to effectively clean up after bedwetting.
  • Keeping you updated: As your child gets older, communication will be even more important. One sign that your child is potty trained is letting you know when he/she took care of business successful and also letting you now if he/she needs your help in anyway. Do your best to communicate effectively as this ability to converse with your child will affect other aspects of your relationship.
  • Comfortable around the toilet: This is a big step for many kids since a flushing toilet can be one of the scariest experiences. You won't have to worry as much about your kid taking care of business in the bathroom since he/she is comfortable and confident around the porcelain throne. Being comfortable around the toilet also means that your child flush the toilet without your help.

Just heads up, accidents still happen from time to time whether it's the result of dealing with the stomach flu or being the car for too long. How's your potty training going? Share with us in the comments below!

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