Get your potty training child in the habit of wiping

As you know by now, wiping is a critical part of using the bathroom. Teaching your potty training child to wipe is a new skill your child needs to learn. Here are three ways to help your kiddo get in the habit wiping:

1. Wipe down the potty: After your child takes care of business, teach your child to wipe down the potty with a disinfecting wipe. It'll help your child learn to clean and maintain a clean potty while learning wiping techniques.

2. Make toilet paper accessible: It's important that toilet paper is within reach when your child is using the potty. If the toilet paper is out of reach, you risk your child not wiping at all or dripping poop and pee on the floor while trying to get toilet paper.

3. Emphasize cleanliness: Repetition is key to potty training success. Take time to go over proper wiping technique. Proper wiping technique is different for girls and boys as you probably already know. Teach your child that he/she must be spotless before putting his/her underwear and pants back on.

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