Fun incentives for your potty training kid when siblings are at school

Being the youngest child can be difficult when older siblings are at school. The great news is that there are ways to help your kid stay motivated when potty training despite everyone else being out of the house everyday. Here are five fun incentives for your potty training kid when older siblings are at school:

1. Backpack for toys: Your kid's older brother and sister have their own backpacks for their own toys so what about a backpack for your potty training kiddo? The good news is that your potty training kid's backpack doesn't have to be expensive. The backpack can be used to store and carry everything for your child from crayons to stickers.

2. Colorful crayons: It doesn't matter if it's an 8 ct. or 64 ct. of Crayons, Crayons are a simple and fun way for your child to express himself/herself. A new set of Crayons depending on your child's progress and how fast he/she goes through a set of Crayons will determine how frequently Crayons are used as an incentive to reward good behavior. Your potty training child can start to develop motor skills before stepping foot in the classroom.

3. Notebook: Whether you go with the classic composition notebook or a spiral-bound, a notebook is a fun reward for your kid making the transition from diapers to regular underwear. You can set aside time everyday for your little kid to draw or attempt to journal the day.

4. Gold star stickers: How about a gold star for good behavior? You can create a little chart to track potty training progress of accident-free days. Everyday your child does not have an accident, you can place a gold star sticker on the chart!

5. Lunch bag: There's a good chance you're taking your little one potty training on little field trips. A lunch bag is a fun way to pack some grub for a trip to the park or the beach. While you do want to give your kid some freedom in picking out a . lunch bag, be sure your kid picks out a lunch bag that has at least three compartments and is well insulated. After a string of gold stars, you can reward your potty training kid with a lunch bag!

What incentives do you use to keep your potty training motivated when everyone else is at school? Share with us in the comments below!

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