Five fun incentives for your potty training child

Incentives can be the difference maker in helping your child complete his/her potty training. Everyone has something or some activity that can motivate and lead to progress. Here are five incentives that will motivate your potty training child:

1. Playground time: Riding down a slide or climbing on the monkey bars is an effective way to release your child's energy while rewarding your child for potty training progress. Playground time can be rewarded depending on what you think is fair whether it's an incentive for every two successful trips to the bathroom or not wetting the bed for three nights in a row. Before going to the playground with your child, dress your child in appropriate clothing for the weather.

2. A trip to the beach: Using this incentive is a great option if you live within less than an hour of a beach. A trip to the beach is a fun way for your child run around, swim and build sand castles. It's also a great way to benefit from the fresh air and relaxed environment of being in nature. Here's a packing list for your next trip to the beach.

3. Ice cream: A sweet treat doesn't always have to be a bad thing. This potty training incentive can be substituted with berry sherbet if your kid is lactose intolerant. Use this incentive on a weekly basis at the end of the week for potty training progress made during the week.

4. Poster: A fun, colorful incentive option, you can reward your child's potty training progress with a poster of his/her choice. It can be a poster of a basketball player, princess, dragon, horse etc. Whatever interests your kiddo.

5. Coloring book: Using coloring books as a potty training will help your kid improve hand-eye coordination while increasing creativity. Much like choosing a poster, deciding on coloring book will depend on your child's interests.

How do you keep your kid motivated? Share with us in the comments below!

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